Video Door Phone / VDP

The video door phones system has two parts one is the indoor monitor unit and the outdoor bell unit. When a person presses the button on the outdoor unit the indoor unit will ring and a video of the person will appear on the screen. Two-way communication is possible in VDP. We can connect automatic gate control in VDP. Midas group does video door phones along with an automatic gate.
In multiple apartments, the solution is equipped to keep the track records of the visitors in different house/unit numbers to initiate a call which is further connected to an application or the Building Management System (BSM). Digital VDP is the most selected and secure solution. It provides impeccable image clarity, remote access, home automation security applications & good storage capability along with the microSD card facility and possible incorporation with CCTV cameras,  access control. Video Door Phone (VDP) is not only to help you open the doors. It also integrates with your existing home security systems making home monitoring easy than ever. When you are away, your relatives & friends can enter seamlessly.