Solar On-Grid And Off-Grid System

There are two types of solar systems. One is a solar on-grid system and the other is an off-grid system. In the solar on-grid system we directly connect the solar inverter to the KSEB line. We use DC DB, AC DB solar meter, and net meter in this system. A net meter shows the net usage units on its screen. On-grid solar systems do not need any batteries.
Since there is no storage of electricity possible in an on-grid system. On the other hand, off-grid systems use batteries for the storage of electricity. The excess produced electricity stores in batteries and later we can use this stored electricity. An off-grid system is a stand-alone system while on the grid is linked to the KSEB line. For installing solar panels we need structures on roofs. When there is immense sunlight production of electricity will be high. We can reduce our electricity bill by up to 85% by installing solar on and off-grid systems. Hence the customer can make a profit through this. We are the number one or top solar integrator or installer in Thrissur Kerala.