CCTV Surveillance Camera

Midas started its journey by installing security cameras. We have two types of CCTV cameras one is Analog high definition cameras other is internet protocol cameras. Ip cameras are the newly emerged technology in this sector. Ahd is old technology. But in Kerala, we use ahd cameras widely. For ahd camera, we use a 3+1 finolex cable. And for IP cameras we use D-Link/finolex cat6/UTP cable. For connecting all the cameras to a centralized system in ahd technology we can use a Digital video recorder. In short, we can call a recorder a DVR. We have 3.6 mm, 6 mm, 4mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm IR bullet and IR dome cameras. We can connect these cameras to an NVR without cables. We generally use 2.4-megapixel cameras. But if a customer demands more clarity we use 3 megapixels 4 megapixels 5 mp and 6 mp so on. We can watch the visuals of a CCTV system all over the world. Some of our major clients in CCTV include Elite international hotel, Thrissur Urban co operative bank, Swapna theatre, etc. We are the number one /top CCTV integrator/ installer in Thrissur, Kerala