About Us

We Are Here With Midas Touch

Midas group have started in 2011. A small firm started in a small town namely Thriprayar, Thrissur, Kerala. Initially, we were installing security cameras i.e. closed-circuit television cameras. We have experienced electricians doing cabling for CCTV cameras. And also we had veteran CCTV technicians for installing the same. Because of having experienced technicians and electricians, cabling and installations possess world-class quality. We have a strong base in Thrissur, Kerala. There are a lot of customers who are highly satisfied with Midas groups’ service.

 Later we expanded our area of operations into the automation sector. We started to do gate automation and shutter automation. We have numerous customers in the automation sector. Later we started home and office automation. Home automation includes light automation, watering solutions, automation equipment for air-conditioning, etc. We are the market leader in the home and office automation sector in Kerala.

 We also do intrusion and burglar alarms. Burglar alarms are mainly used for private and public banks. Chit companies and non-banking financial companies also use CCTV security cameras and burglar alarms. We deal with major brands of CCTV cameras. All the major brands which are available in the market are available in the Midas group. We use the brands like Hikvision, Cp Plus, Zktecho, Trueview, Honeywell, etc. In the burglar alarm sector, we use a world-class brand like Hogar. For gate and office automation we use brands Foxtech.uk, Fucox,  Autozonne etc. The quality of the products we thoroughly check-in our lab with the help of our experienced technicians. We provide CCTV solutions for banks, traffic control, temples, offices, all types of commercial and public institutions, and also for flats and homes. 24*7 security and safeguarding are possible through the security system. 

After 2012 Midas group entered the solar sector. We also provide on-grid and off-grid solar systems to individual households and commercial buildings. We provide solar systems to the public with the help of the Kerala state electricity board. Before installing a solar on-grid system Kerala state electricity board officials do a site feasibility test. We do all the wiring structural work and installation of on-grid and off-grid systems. We do structural work for fixing solar panels. Midas does the wiring from solar panels to the solar inverters. We have so many engineers to make ideas and implement structural work for building structures for fixing solar panels. We do all the major brands which are available in the solar sector I.e. Trina, Waaree, Kirloskar, Adithya, SPS, V guard, luminous, etc. Midas provides solar power solutions all over Kerala. We have been the market leader within the Commercial Solar sector for over 5+ years based on our head office in Thrissur, Kerala. Our business has concentrated solely on Commercial installations within a lot of different and varied sectors supplying solar for businesses both small to larger installations. We have always given our partners the most accurate, honest, and clear bits of advice at all stages to ensure receive the very best solutions to fit their energy-saving requirements.

High-Definition Video

High definition video contains more pixels, and a larger image size, than traditional cameras to ensure you get clear and detailed video.

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology provides the ability to communicate between two or more entities over distances without the use of wires or cables of any sort.

Night Vision Cameras

The ability to see in nighttime conditions allows military maneuvers and a potential advantage to the forces equipped with this technology.

Remote Access

Remote monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that protects your business, commercial property or home from damage.