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If Smartness Is Your Key To Success, Make Your Own Smart Space...
Welcome To Midas Group India, To Welcome Your New Smart And Safe Space!

If a smart home or office space is your dream, we are here to make your dream a reality! Midas Group is fully dedicated to providing safe, secure, and smart spaces for our clients. We started off our journey in 2011, as a small firm located at Thrissur, Kerala fully devoted to providing services for CCTV installation in Thrissur.  With over 10 years of experience, we have now extended our services to automation and solar installation services in Thrissur and other parts of Kerala. Midas Group is equipped with a well-experienced team of engineers and employees, ensuring sincere and meticulous services to our clients over a decade. Employing the experience and knowledge we have in the field, now we have extended our premium services across Kerala. Transform your home and workspace to a more safe, smart, and comfortable space with us!

Shocking Electricity Bill?

Produce electricity on your rooftops & generate savings. On-grid and off-grid systems available at Midas.

Safe Guard Your Home & Office

Security, now a days its everything. Install cameras and sensors from Midas. 24*7 protection is possible.

Control Your Premises From Mobile

Automate your home and office with us. Make your shutters gates lights acs etc automatic.

Our Mission

Our team at Midas Group firmly believes that the future of our society lies safely in the hands of technology. Our mission is to ensure the technology of safety and comfort reaches all our clients through our services. We aim at providing solutions for security, automation, and energy conservation for the safe and sustainable growth of our society. Our team aspires in choosing the best equipment and providing the best services In Kerala to meet our aim of making the future, accessible to all.

Our Vision

Midas Group India envisions a society where science and technology are utilized efficiently for the sustainable and eco-friendly growth of the world. Embracing the technology of the future will make life on earth more easy and efficient. Creating a wide space of innovations and opportunities with technology is what we foresee with our services. The insight of smart, safe, and sustainable development of the society is the driving force of Midas Group. We work hard consistently to provide automation and energy solutions in Kerala, with the passion for a better and smart future!

Our Services

Solar & Other Power Solutions

By using solar products, we can save money by reducing electricity bills. it is more reasonable compared to generators.

Home & Office Automation

We do automatic gate and shutters. We provide solutions to automate lights curtains air conditioner fans and watering.

Video Door Phone

When some one ring the bell at your gate you will get a video call in your mobile. You can attend the call any where in world.

Automatic Shutters & Gates

You can open your gates and shutters by using remote controls. Avoid an unwanted guest through this.

WIFI Access Points

An access point helps extend the wireless coverage of your existing network. It can also help increase the number of users in the network.


It is a visual proof. when there is nobody at your home or office cctv will be your watch dog .Watch dog only barks but CCTV recordss it all for you.

Access Control

We do biometrics. You can safe guard a room or an area by access control devices. Main door access can be restricted with digital locks. your finger print will be your key.

LED Wall

Led walls help us to deliver seamless images scalability to any size or shape and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content great.